Andy is a great listener, patient and an empathetic therapist. Sessions with him are always very comfortable and most importantly you will not be judged. Through the course of our sessions, Andy introduced me to a few forms of therapy, mainly breathing techniques (like some form of meditation) art therapy (colouring) and empty chair technique to bring closure to an ‘unfinished business’ of mine. The empty chair technique, in particular, allowed me to let out all my emotional stress which I have suppressed inside for a period of time.

I view myself as quite a ‘nutshell to crack’ because I have a stubborn character and often I would directly reject Andy’s suggestions or challenged him with my own opinions and thoughts. Nevertheless, he handled these situations well and I was able to change my perspective about that problem or situation. There are sessions where it was emotionally challenging and draining for me (e.g. a “closure” session) and whenever there is such a session, Andy will always ensure that I am comfortable and ready for it. This shows that he is considerate towards my well-being and respect my decisions and will at all times. I am glad and relieved that I’ve met a counsellor whom I can trust and believe that I can eventually regain my self-confidence again.


— Maggie (pseudo name), 35 y/o, working professional, 2020

I was referred to Andy for counselling through a friend when I was going through an emotionally challenging phase after my operation in Dec 2018. During this phase, I had to juggle the demands of a new job, family, personal commitments and side effects of medication. After attending Andy’s 1st few sessions, I found he was very empathetic towards my problems and provided a great listening ear. In addition, he taught me the deep breathing technique which proved to be very useful. He also used nature walk as a therapy tool to open my mind and allowed me to approach my problems from different perspectives. Before attending Andy’s sessions, I also attended a therapy session by a certified psychologist. I prefer Andy’s approach as he provided effective ways for me to manage my problems and emotions.


—  Steffie (pseudo name), 43y/o, working professional, 2019

“I came for counselling because I had some anxiety issues. Andy’s imagery therapy is super effective because it allows me to revisit the triggering situation again but in a much more safe environment. We recalled the first anxiety episode, analyse the situation and focused on seemingly minute details. I gained insights and awareness to triggering factors causing my anxiety. After which, we practised coping mechanisms and grounding techniques such as mindfulness breathing and drinking. Thereafter, I could manage my anxious situations better.”

—  Deepika (pseudo name), 26y/o, working professional, 2019

“Sessions with Andy are cathartic. I can express myself freely without fear of being judged. Andy is a great listener and his sincerity shows in every session. Suffice to say, I look forward to our sessions because I know that I have someone whom I can engage in open conversations with. Andy’s art therapy, in particular, the mandala technique, has helped me created true closure for myself following an accident. I am now at peace with what has happened and am not troubled by it.”


photo is an example, not the work of the client.

— Aqilah (pseudo name), 27, working professional & part-time student, 2019

“Andy is a Michelin-starred therapist who has a very unique approach. He has a way of giving me new perspectives on a certain way of thinking or situation. He is not afraid to challenge unhealthy thoughts or behaviour with tough questions which provoke further thoughts about the subject. He has helped me tremendously with my anxiety by introducing me to a few forms of therapy, mainly imagery therapy which has a calming effect. He has also helped me with dealing with suicidal thoughts and how to handle them when they come. The environment of his counselling space is very conducive for therapy as it makes me feel safe and is comfortable enough to be at ease, the ambient music he plays has very a calming effect on a person.”

— Ian (pseudo name), 22y/o, student, 2019

“I came to Andy for help in coping with work-related stress. Through the course of our sessions, he has helped me gain a lot of clarity and insight in dealing with my work stress by talking through the issues with me and introducing breathing and relaxation techniques. These relaxation techniques have been very useful in managing worries and stress, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help handling anxiety and stress-related issues. His home clinic is also very calming and conducive for therapy sessions.”

— Celine (pseudo name), 24y/o, fresh graduate, 2019