Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy

Instead of just sitting in a room and talking to your therapist. You might want to try Forest Therapy. As you take a walk in the garden or forest area, you will be doing what they call “forest bathing”.  At the same time, you will get to talk to your therapist.

Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese term that means “forest bathing.” (Also known as a Forest Therapy) Forest therapy is more than just a meander through the woods. Participants engage in activities that help them experience the natural environment with all their senses. Forest therapy allows participants to be at present and cultivate the benefits of mindfulness. It involves noticing and sensing things rather than judging or evaluating. Benefits of forest therapy include:

  • 0db74cb5-65af-4050-b95c-9dddc2b33cdc.jpgdecrease cortisol production (stress hormone)
  • lowering blood sugar and pressure
  • better concentration and focus
  • boost immune systems
  • reduce anxiety and better sleep

— Dairy Farm Area, Bukit Timah railway track, Botanical Gardens

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