Approach & Services

Mindfulness & Existential Approach

Developing awareness and insights, taking control

Finding personal meaning and living your authentic life


My mission is to help individuals to establish a balanced, meaningful and holistic lifestyle. In my work, I employ techniques from mindfulness-based cognitive (MCBT) practices,  psychoanalytical & existential approaches incorporating art and play therapy.

Professional Experience

Children (primary schools and daycare centres)

  • Explore and maintain client’s emotional and social well-being.
  • Employ art and play therapy activities.
  • Conduct social skills and group therapy workshops.
  • Psychoeducation values such as respect, care, and friendship through storybooks and art therapy.

Adolescents & Young adults

  • Apply systemic desensitization, relaxation and deep breathing therapy with music, imagery, rock balancing for anger management.IMG_0585
  • Conduct activities to help strengthen attention and focus through deep breathing.
  • Use reflective and Socratic questioning to analysis consequences for behavioural situations.
  • Use of inspirational quotes to develop awareness and create insights.
  • Conduct personal development workshops.

Elderly residents in a nursing home

  • Use reminisce therapy to recollect memories.
  • Apply art therapy as a form of expressing feelings and thoughts.
  • Practice relaxation exercises to manage stress, anger and sleep better.
  • Use self-help books for clients to gain insights and self-awareness.